Best Prepaid Broadband For You

prepaid broadbandMany companies have been offering broadband plans on contracts for over a decade, but the future may belong to prepaid broadband for a number of very good reasons.  Chief amongst these reasons is the fact that prepaid broadband plans give you a great deal of control over what you buy, how you pay, and when you want to pay.  This is in stark contrast to the company/provider-oriented monthly plans that are often backed by a penalizing early termination fee if you decide to terminate the contract early.

Just because prepaid broadband has a lot to offer does not mean that each and every person can benefit from a randomly selected prepaid broadband Internet access plan.  Instead, you should really pay careful attention to determine your needs and separate them from your wants before you start shopping for a prepaid broadband plan.  Here is how to di t:

Why Are You Choosing Prepaid Broadband?

The first question that you will want to ask yourself is simple: why are you going this route?  There are upsides and downsides to anything, and prepaid broadband plans are certainly no exception to this rule.  You want to be sure that you have the basics down.  What are the basics and how do they help you determine if prepaid broadband is even for you?   These are two good questions, but the answer is fairly simple: subsidization versus obligation.

Here’s the low-down; if you sign a contract for a high speed Internet plan, you are likely to be the recipient of some subsidized hardware.  This means lower out of pocket fees to start up with, but limited choices for hardware and a contract that has to be paid like clockwork as well as an early termination fee if things do not work out.  Prepaid broadband plans offer more fleixibility in terms of hardware, but you generally have to buy it yourself unless you go for a long block of prepaid time.  Since such plans are rare, let’s just assume that this is not the case.

Buying hardware is both a perk and a downside.  On one side you obviously have a larger up-front cost, but you actually own the hardware at that time.  Right now you might be considering just how important it is to own the hardware, and perhaps thinking that it does not really matter.  Well, it does matter if you do not want to rent it or pay off a loan on it over a longer period of time.  A comparatively small upfront investment is a big deal in that sense.

Also remember that you do not need to pay your fee every month.  If you are gone for a month or a few weeks, you can opt not to pay for those periods if you time things right.  This makes the broadband service itself significantly more affordable as you are essentially getting far more value for your dollar.

What Are You Prepaid Broadband Needs?

You still need to determine your overall broadband needs before buying a prepaid broadband plan.  The nice thing is that you can generally change your plan configuration each month, which provides you a lot of flexibility.  Perhaps today you and a roommate are sharing the broadband so your needs are higher than they will be when the roommate moves out next month to get married.  This is an adaptability that you rarely get on contract internet data plans.

Finding a Prepaid Broadband Plan

Now that you have done all of the math and the background, it is time to go looking for a prepaid broadband plan.  Before you buy a prepaid broadband plan be sure to look at reviews so that you can understand what other consumers think about the service as well as the competition.  Be sure to look at third party hardware as well, but also look carefully at the hardware any vendor sells.  Obviously there should be no compatibility issues when a prepaid broadband company sells you the hardware at full price, but you may be buying a piece of equipment that is locked to their service just as much as the subsidized pieces are.  Know what you are getting into before you put your hard-earned money down or you may end up regretting it later.